High Iron in Your Water, Calgary? Remove it with SIM!

The SIM iron removal system is an effective, economical way to greatly reduce the amount of iron in your water. There are no chemicals, expensive pumps or external venturi tubes. Using patented technologies, SIM creates an air bubble at the upper portion of the tank, oxidizing ferrous iron prior to it being filtered by the media. In addition to reducing iron levels, this filtration system can also lower concentrations of dissolved manganese and hydrogen sulfide from your water source.

Additional features of the SIM system include:

  • User-Friendly Electronics
  • Inlet Check Valve to Prevent Backflow
  • Days Override Regeneration Cycle
  • SXT Control
  • Easy Serviceability
  • 48-Hour Backup Battery
  • Heavy-Duty Mineral Tank

10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The SIM comes with a 10-year parts and labour warranty, guaranteeing the system against defects.

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