Soften the Hard Water in Your Calgary Home

Perfect for Calgary homes and apartments with limited space, the Soft (City) water conditioner combines salt storage and a filter vessel all into one, easy to store unit. While its form is compact, its abilities are quite robust, especially when it comes to removing iron, calcium, manganese and chlorine — the very minerals and elements that create hard water.

Water Softener for Calgary Homes

Some of the features and benefits of the Soft (City) water softener include:

  • One Cubic Foot of Top-Quality, High-Capacity Conditioning Power
  • Meter-Initiated Regeneration for Maximum Efficiency
  • Reinforced Polyethylene Brine Tank (with Brine Safety Float)
  • 48-Hour Backup Battery
  • Heavy-Duty Mineral Tank

10-Year Warranty

The Soft (City) water softener system is backed by a 10-year parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer.

Ask Us about Soft (City)

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