Have Hard Water in Your Calgary Area Home?

The Canadian-made Soft (Country) water softener and conditioner system is a compact, all-in-one storage and filter vessel system. Specifically designed for rural areas outside of Calgary, Soft (Country) removes the minerals and elements that cause hard water, such as calcium, manganese and iron. This system results from 30 years of Canadian manufacturing experience and we’re certain you’ll appreciate the difference!

The Soft (Country) system employs 30 years of Canadian manufacturing experience to create a water conditioning system like no other. Some of the top features and benefits of the Soft (Country) water softener include:

  • One Cubic Foot of Top-Quality, High-Capacity Conditioning Power
  • Meter-Initiated Regeneration for Maximum Efficiency
  • Whole-Home Chlorine Removal System
  • 48-Hour Backup Battery
  • Reinforced Polyethylene Brine Tank (with Brine Safety Float)
  • Heavy-Duty Mineral Tank

10-Year Warranty

The Soft (Country) comes with a 10-year parts and labour warranty.

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