Healthy, Chemical-Free Water for Calgary’s Rural Areas

StarWater’s UV10 system is designed to disinfect and sterilize up to 10 gallons of water per minute using ultraviolet light. The UV10 system is perfect as a whole-home water treatment system, especially in rural areas. It not only disinfects pathogens, microbes, bacteria and waterborne diseases, but removes sediment and chemical contaminants using an easy-to-replace filter. Achieving clear, chemical-free, tasty water is easy with the UV10 system!

The UV10 carries a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty covering parts and labour.

Features of the UV10

Some of the great features you’ll find in your UV10 system include:

  • 9,000-Hour Lamp Life
  • Chemical-Free Water Treatment Capabilities
  • Five-Micron Replaceable Pre-Filter for Suspended Solids
  • Easy-to-Clean Quartz Sleeve
  • Great Alternative to Shocking Well Water
  • Electrical Controller Components Covered by a 10-Year Warranty

Need a higher filtration flow rate? We also have the UV15 model available with all the same great features as our UV10.

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